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The most advanced registration framework

We've invested in technology to ensure our registration framework is accurate, automated and advanced

Rigorous Self Assessment

Organisations that have elected to undertake Data Privacy Register registration will be required to complete a rigorous self assessment that interrogates their privacy related processes and policies. Organisations are required to demonstrate that they are compliant with the Data Privacy Register framework.

Automated Risk Assessment Robot

Upon submission, registrations are processed by our automated risk assessment robot, which analyses inconsistent answers and flags risks within the organisation's submission. Our robot also matches responses within an organisation's self assessment to publicly available information, such as privacy policies and terms of service to ensure accuracy.

Registration Issued

Once the assessment phase is complete, organisations which have successfully demonstrated compliance with the Data Privacy Register framework will be issued registration. Registered organisations are entered onto the Data Privacy Register and will be granted a license to display the registration symbol.

Ongoing Monitoring and Compliance

Organisations are required to maintain compliance with the Data Privacy Register framework and are required to re-register every twelve months.

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