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Data Privacy Register is an independent privacy framework powering privacy registration, free data breach alerts, the latest privacy news and consumer rights advocacy. The key principles within our framework centre on transparency, disclosure and control.

We are committed to driving stronger privacy protection, transparency and control for Australians.
What do you do?

The Data Privacy Register's scope is far reaching. We offer far more than just privacy registration. As a part of our consumer advocacy vision and our mission to drive better privacy standards for Australians, we also provide consumers with up-to-date privacy news, a free data breach alert service, fact sheets, breach assistance and privacy related documentation.
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Get free data breach alerts delivered straight to your inbox.

Data Privacy Register

Check that the businesses you work with take privacy seriously.

Privacy Documentation

We have a catalogue of templates available to small businesses.

The Latest Privacy News

We'll keep you up to date with all the big stories you need to know.

Breach Assistance

In the event of a data breach, we're here to help.

Business Registration

We register businesses and their privacy practices.