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When a data breach or security incident occurs, we'll deliver an alert direct to your inbox as fast as we can.

Verified Information

We collate information from various sources and ensure it can be verified before we activate an alert. We're not news breakers and we're proud of it.

Actionable Advice

We work hard to deliver actionable advice, and steps to reduce personal harm in the event of a data breach.

We're here to help

If you find yourself the victim of a data breach or security incident, we're here to help. Contact us via the support centre and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where you'll find the stuff we get asked about... a lot...

Where do you get your information?

We aggregate information from dozens of sources. We employ dark web monitoring, as well as other search tools across the internet to ensure we always have our ear to the ground. We usually hear about a data breach or security incident before it's reported on mainstream news, but we always put any claimed breaches through a rigorous verification process before we activate an alert.

Are your alerts instant?

We will never activate an alert until it has been verified - so we're not instant in the truest sense of the word. We pride ourselves on pulling together the facts and delivering actionable advice for our subscribers. We'll never be news breakers, but we will always give you the full story and plenty of useful information.

Will you bug me with marketing material?

Absolutely not. We will only ever email you if an alert has been activated and we think you should know about it. On top of that, we'll never use your email address to target advertising to you either. Hooray!

Do I have to subscribe to get access to alerts?

Nope! We also publish recent alerts on this page & occasionally across our homepage. You can also follow Alerts on Twitter. We usually tweet just after activating an alert. Of course, if you do subscribe you'll never miss an alert... which is pretty cool.

Can you help me if I'm the victim of a data breach?

We're always here to help. On top of our huge range of fact sheets for individuals, we also offer support via our support centre. If you have a question, let us know and we'll be happy to help. Keep in mind that we might not always have the answer, and we may refer you to another organisation (like IDCare or OAIC).

Are these data breach alerts only related to Australian breaches?

No! We will activate an alert for any data breach or security incident we believe may affect Australian's.

I know about a breach, but you haven't activated an alert yet. What's going on?

Woah! There's usually a reason for this. We always seek to verify a breach before activating an alert. Sometimes this may take several hours. For a major incident, it can take quite some time to gather the facts and assess the appropriate support to offer our subscribers. If you think we might have missed one, please let us know in the support centre, and we'll do our best to help.

You've made a mistake. How can I get it corrected?

Oh no. We like to think we don't often make mistakes, but if you've found one that you'd like us to correct, you can do so here.