The Fees - Privacy Registration

Find out more about what it costs to attain Data Privacy Register registration

The fees associated with registration are calculated during the application process and are based on a number of factors.

Gross Annual Turnover

Nature of Business (ie. Call Centre, Online)

Number of Employees

Size of Customer Base

Dynamic Risk Assessment Grading

As a guide, registration fees start at as little as $1,500 per annum for a small business with a gross annual turnover of under $5m and a satisfactory risk assessment grading.

It is a requirement that fees are paid in full prior to an organisation starting the self assessment phase of the registration process.

What is included in your registration fees?

Organisations experience a range of great benefits as a result of undertaking registration.

Your Own Registration Portal

Organisations get access to a registrationportal, which allows easy management of your registration, invoicing and customer requests.

Increased trust

Organisations that undertake certification experience increased trust with their customers. As the Data Privacy Register grows, customers will begin to expect that organisations are registered.

Data Privacy Register Marketing Kit

Organisations that successfully attain certification receive access to the Data Privacy Register marketing kit, which includes a range of materials that can be used to demonstrate your commitment to your customer's privacy.

Improved Practices

Undertaking registration allows organisations to critically assess their privacy practices against a structured framework, improving overall privacy standards.

Breach Assistance

In the event of a data breach, the Data Privacy Register is here to assist your customers. We provide actionable advice that assist in reducing harm, as well as access to a range of fact sheets.

Competitive Edge

Australians are increasingly conscious of their privacy. Obtaining registration with the Data Privacy Register provides a competitive edge that shows your commitment to safe data practices.