Getting Started - Privacy Registration

Get started with the Data Privacy Register. Register your organisation's privacy practices with the Data Privacy Register, and show your customers that you take data privacy seriously.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards helping your organisation better protect your customer's personal information.  

Unauthorised or careless collection, use, disclosure, storage or disposal of personal information can cause great harm to your customers and your organisation.

Recent research indicates that businesses like yours see the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches as the most significant threat facing your organisation today.

Data breaches are most often the result of poor organisational practices, or poor understanding of privacy regulations.

The Data Privacy Register platform is designed to assist organisations like yours to provide the best possible privacy outcomes for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where you'll find the stuff we get asked about... a lot...

What is theData Privacy Register?

Data Privacy Register is an independent privacy framework powering privacy registration, free data breach alerts, the latest privacy news and consumer rights advocacy. The key principles within our framework centre on transparency, disclosure and control.

We are committed to driving stronger privacy protection, transparency and control for Australians.

What does the Dat Privacy Register do?

The Data Privacy Register's scope is far reaching. We offer far more than just privacy registration. As a part of our consumer advocacy vision and our mission to drive better privacy standards for Australians, we also provide consumers with up-to-date privacy news, a free data breach alert service, fact sheets, breach assistance and privacy related documentation.

Why should I consider registration?

There are many benefits to demonstrating compliance with the Data Privacy Register principles.

First and foremost, your organisation will have a clearer understanding of its privacy practices, and will be in a position to better manage privacy matters.

The Data Privacy Register offers an independent registration that allows your organisation to publicly promote your commitment to your customers and clients regarding the security of their personal information.

Do you certify the Australian Privacy Principles or GDPR compliance?

Compliance with the APP and/or the GDPR is a legal requirement for organisations that are covered under these two pieces of legislation. We recommend checking whether your organisation is required to be compliant.

The APP and GDPR do not currently offer a certification for compliant businesses. As such, the Data Privacy Register framework is an extension of current Australian privacy legislation but does not replace or supersede it.

Do I need to know a lot about privacy to register my organisation?

Nope! While it's helpful to know the basics, we've developed a range of fact sheets to help you understand what is required to successfully attain registration. The registrationprocess itself is simple and involves a self assessment that has plenty of guidance to assist organisations in sourcing the required supporting documentation.

How many organisations are certified with the Data Privacy Register?

The Data Privacy Register has nearly completed beta testing of its registration framework. At completion of this testing phase, we'll open up registration to all organisations.

Can I start registration today?

We love your enthusiasm, but we're not quite ready to accept applications from organisations yet. We're still in the final stages of testing with a handful of organisations. You can, however, register your interest and we'll add you to the wait list. Once we're up and running, you'll be the first to know.