Google+ has notified users of second major data breach in as many months

Google+ has been hit with another data breach, and this one is even more serious  than the last.

Back in October, Google notified about a massive data breach that exposed the personal data of 500 thousands of Google+ users.

Now for the second time in as many months some 52.8 million users may have had their name, email address, occupation, and age exposed to third-party developers.

Google says that due to a flaw in a recent update, account information marked as private was available for developers with Google+ APIs to access, which is similar to a flaw that allowed Cambridge Analytica to improperly access Facebook user data

Although access was available for six days before it was discovered and fixed, Google says there is no evidence any developers downloaded any data.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google division will now speed up the procedure needed to shut down the consumer version of Google+, bringing the date forward by four months to April 2019. Google also reported they will accelerate the shut-down of all Google+ APIs to occur within the next 90 days.

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