Simple Privacy Policy

We believe privacy should be simple to understand

The purpose of the Simplified Privacy Policy is to provide an easy to read version of the traditional web based privacy policy. All businesses that are certified by the Data Privacy Register are required to implement a standardised Simplified Privacy Policy, so it is clear to all users how and why their data is being used.

To use, simply navigate to different sections of the policy using the buttons below.

We will collect anonymised browsing data about you when you visit this website. This may include recording page visits, clicks or form submissions. If you submit a form, we will record the data you submit. We will never ask you to submit personally identifiable information about yourself, unless it is required to provide a subscription or service to you.
Tracking tags
This website uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager code snippets to track your use of the website. This data is anonymised and does not record personally identifiable information.

This website also uses tracking tags for our support centre supplied by HelpScout. HelpScout may collect personal information about you, but only if you provide it to them via the support beacon located on our website, or via our support web page.
This website does not collect any information about you for advertising purposes. We will never use audiences from this website to build advertising segments, including look-a-like segments & interest based segments for advertising.
Data storage
Your data will only be stored for as long as it is being used to provide a service. Anonymised data about your site usage will be kept for up to twelve months, and any data you submit via a form will only be stored while your subscription or service remains active.

Alerts will store your email address & first name from the time you subscribe until the time that you unsubscribe, or request data deletion.
Data security
Our website is SSL encrypted, and employs firewall systems.

Any data submitted via a form is protected in encrypted form, and is only accesible by staff who need access to it to provide a subscription or service.
You can browse this website anonymously. The only data that will be collected about you relates to your behaviour on this site, including page visits or clicks. If you elect to submit a form, you are agreeing to forfeit your right to anonymity, to allow us to provide you with a subscription or service.
Data Sharing
We will never sell or share your data with third parties. This includes for the purposes of advertising.
Data changes
You have the right to ask us for a copy of the information we store about you, as well as the right correct any mistakes, or delete your data in its entirety. If you request data deletion, this will include the removal of your contact information on any active subscriptions or services.
We facilitate requests to review, correct or delete your data via email, phone call or via our privacy management platform. We commit to responding to all requests within 14 days of receipt.